NEW LOCATION ALERT - Come and try, train with friends or family

Unlimited training in Sept for £10

Classes held at Washington Village Memorial Hall, School Lane, RH20 4AP

Kicking off from Monday 6th Sept.

We are open to anyone who is looking to start their martial arts journey or to continue their journey as well as those who may have trained in Choi Kwang Do in and around the Horsham and West Sussex area.

See class schedule section for class details.

You don't need to be FIT to start, you just need to start to get FIT.

Richings Korean Martial Arts started in February 2019 to provide independent Choi Kwang Do Syllabus training in and around Dorking, Surrey. After 2 years of success and growth RKMA joined Universal Martial Arts to continue to provide the high quality of training and support network associated with being a member of a Universal group of martial art schools.

Choi Kwang Do is the main syllabus and training format we follow and student gradings are carried out inline with this syllabus. Choi Kwang-Do is a Martial Art based on modern scientific principles and has been developed to promote optimum health, fitness and is based on modern scientific principles.

The system is founded on that its self-defence techniques should generate maximum force, be practical, enhance the student’s health as they practice, as well as developing mental and physical conditioning.

RKMA also takes influences from other styles involving practical self defence techniques, full contact karate and kickboxing, all combined to help improve overall fitness and well being.

​RKMA is a fun and exciting way to keep fit, improve flexibility, co-ordination, balance and concentration in a friendly, safe and fun environment.

Classes cater for all ages, ranging from children over 5, teenagers and adults of all ages

Children's classes are designed to promote self confidence, control, fitness all in a controlled, fun and disciplined environment. Belt grading's are designed to break down the martial art syllabus into small progressive steps with the aim to provide an easy way to keep children focused, involved and stimulated whilst promoting a positive development at each stage.

Adult classes are also broken down into small steps to reduce being over whelmed, but also being an encouraging way of learning a martial art, a practical self-defence and promote physical and mental fitness as a skill for life. 

Contact us today for any further details




RKMA will be starting classes at the Washington Village Memorial Hall, School Lane, RH20 4AP from Monday 6th Sept.

Class schedule will be


16.00-17.00 Children’s class 4-8yrs old

17.00-18.00 Family class (8 and over)

18.00-19.00 Adults class


19.30-20.30 Adult class


Westcott Reading Rooms, 1 Institute Rd, Westcott

Dorking RH4 3NW

Sunday training

10am-11am - Beginners

11am-12pm - Intermediate/Advanced

12-12.45 - Private or 121 sessions

Classes are open to all abilities, fitness levels and ages.

Tuesday training


This class emphasises the fitness aspect of our Martial Art. We focus on delivering both punching and kicking techniques on a variety of pads/shields whilst including cardio exercise and stretching techniques. This is a great way to build your general fitness but also enhance your martial art skills.

The class content will focus on the following:

Beginners class is primarily aimed at those students who are starting or perhaps restarting their martial arts journey. The classes will focus on the essentials, so we can then build on this to more challenging techniques. Classes will still contain enough content to keep it fun and rewarding.

Intermediate and advanced classes are more challenging both from a technique and fitness aspect. If you want to push yourself further, then these classes will help you to reveal your potential.

If you have any questions about syllabus and class content then please contact me.

Are you ready to reach your potential? Contact us today to learn more about RichingsKMA Martial Arts Club.



Westcott Reading Room

1 Institute Rd, Westcott, Dorking United Kingdom RH4 3NW

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